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                         GEORGES ISLAND
April 1769

leave the Island, but if it is a Religious ceremony we may not be able to understandit for the Misteries of most Religions are very Dark & not easily understood even by those who profess them-
SATURDAY 22d }Nothing worth of Note hapned, the THURDSAY  27 }people were Continually at work upon the Fort & the Natives were so far reconciled to us that they rather assisted us then not, This day we mounted 6 Swivels at the Fort, which was now nearly finished, this struck the Natives with some Fear, & some fishermen who lived upon the Point moved farther off & old Owhaa told us by signs that affter 4 Days we should fire Great guns from the Ships there were some other Circumstances cooberated with this mans prophecy wither an opinion hath prevailed amongst them that after time we intend to fire upon them, or that they intend to Attack us we know not, the first we do not intend unless the latter takes place which is highly improbable-

FRIDAY 28th This morning a great number of the natives come to us in their Canoes from different parts of the Island several of whom we had not seen before one of these was the Woman called by the Dolphins the Queen of this Island, she first went to Mr Bank's Tent at the Fort whose she was not known till the Master hap'ning to go ashore who knew her & thought her onboard with 2 Men & several Women who seem'd to be all of her Family I made them all some Presents or other, but to Oberiea for that is this Womans name I gave several things, in return for which as soon as I went  onshore with her, she gave me a Hog & several Branches of Plantains, these she caused to be carried from her Canoes up to the Fort in a King of a Procession she & I. bringing up the rear. This Woman is about 40 Years of Age, & like most of the other Women very Musculine she is head of chief of her own Family or Tribe but to all appearance hath no Authority over the rest of the Inhabitants whatever she might have when the Dolphin was here. Herculis whose real Name is Tootaha is to all apprearance the Chief Man of the Island & hath generally visited us twice a Week since we have been here & came always attended by a number of Canoes & People, & at those times we was are sure to have a suppy more or less of every thing the Island afforded. both from himself & from these that came with him & it is a Chance thing that we get a Hog at any other time, he was with us at this Time & did not appear very well pleased at the Notice we took of Oberiea-
SATURDAY 29th This day got the 4 Guns out of the Hold & mounted 2 of them on the Quarter Deck & the other 2 in the Fort on the Bank of the River-
​SUNDAY 30th This being the day that Owhaa told us that we should fire our Guns so one of us went from the Fort however the day passed over without any Visible alteration in the behaviour of any one of the Natives-
MONDAY 1st MAY  This morning Tootaha came onboard the Ship & was very desirous of seeing into every Chest & Drawer that was in the Cabin I satisfied his curiosity so far as to open most of those that belong'd to me, he saw several things that he took a fancy to & collected them together, but at last he Cast his Eyes upon the Adz I had from Mr Stephens that was made in imitation of one of their Stone Adzes





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