Georges Island
=tion. I thought they would be ill able to stand the Cold weather we might expect to meet with to the Southward at this Season of the year therefore & I resolved to give them a little time to recover while  we run down to & explor'd the Islands aforementioned.
Tupia informs us that in the month of November, December and January they have constant Westerly winds with rain.

Remarkable occurrences at Sea
Friday. July 14th Gentle breezes at NE & Clear wea.r, I have before made mention of our departure from Royal Bay on the preceeding forenoon & likewise that I had determined to run down to Huiheine & Wietea before we stood to the Southward, but having discovered from the Hills of Georges Island an island layering to the Northward, we first stood that way to take an easier View of it/this island is called Tethuroa it lies N1/2W, distant 8 leagues from point Venus & is a small low uninhabited Island frequented by the people of Georges Island for fish with which it is said to abound  At 6am the Westernmost part of York Isl.d bore SE1/2S & the body of Georges Island E1/2S. Punished the 2 Marines, who attempted to desert from us at Georges Island with 2 Dozen lashes each and then released them from confinement at Noon the bay of York Island bore EbS1/2S. Royal Bay So. 70:456 dist 61 miles & an Island which we took to be Saunders Island discover'd by Captn Wallace/ called by the Natives Tapoananau/bore SSW Latitude observed 17°:9' So. Saw land bearing NW1/2W. which Tupia calls the Island of Huahune


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