From New Guinea to Batavia
[margin] Oct 1770
Straits of Sundar [/margin]
us again to anchor in 22 fathom. Pula Baba bearing EbS 1/2S distant 3 or 4 miles Our soundings from Bantam Point to this place was from 36 to 22 fathoms.
Sunday 7th. Light airs from the Southward with frequent calms at 6 o'Clock pm weighed with a light breeze at SSW. which was not sufficient to stem the current & was therefore obliged to come too again in 15 at 10 o'Clock weighed again & stood to the Eastward with the wind at SSE. at 11am anchor's in 21 the W and of Wapping Island bore S.o distant 8 miles & the Thousand Islands NbE 1/2E. dist.n 3 or 4 miles. found the current still set to the Westward.
Monday 8th. had it calm until 4 in the pm when we got the sea breeze at NE, very faint, with which we weighed & stood to the Eastward part Wapping Island & the first Island to the Eastward of it, falling little wind we were carried by the current between this last Island & the 2d island to the Eastward of Wapping Island where we were obliged to anchor in 30 fath.m being very near a ledge of rocks which spitted out from one the Islands, at 1/2 past 2 o'Clock inthe am weighed with the land wind at South & stood out clear of the shoal where we were again obliged to come to an anchor having variable light winds attended with thunder & rain, at 5 o'Clock the wea.r being fair & a light breeze at S, we weighed , but making little or no way against the current we soon after came too again in 28, near a small island not laid down in the charts. Pulo Pare bore ENE. distant 6 or 7 miles, while we lay here a proe came alongside wherein were 2 Malayani who sold us 3 turtles weighing 147 pounds for a Spanish Dollar. some onboard thought them dear, but I thought they were cheap. sounding my judgement on the price, the two Dutchmen that were onboard before set upon those they had one of which we paid a Dollar for, that weighed only 36 pounds
Tuesday 9th. A little past Noon weigh'd with a light breeze at NE & stood to the Eastward until 5 o'Clock when not being able to weather Pula Pare so anchor.d in 30 the said island extending from SE to SSW. distant 1 mile at 10 got the land wind at So. with which we weighed & stood to the ESE all night depth of water from 30 to 22 & from 22 to 16 when we anch'd. at 10 o'Clock in the am to wait for the sea breeze. the island of Edam bore SWbW dist.e 6 or 7 miles, at Noon weighed & stood on for Batavia Road having the advantage of the sea breeze at NNE.
Wednesday 10th. According to our reckoning but by the people here
Thursday 11th. At 4 o'Clock in the pm anchor'd in Batavia road where we found the Harcourt Indiaman from England 2 English Country Ships, 13 sail of large Dutch ships & a number of small vessels. As soon as


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