New Wales or east Coast of New Holland 1770
[margin] Forbe's Isles [/margin]
at Noon bore W1/2S dist.ce 3 miles, these Islands which are known in the chart by the name of Forbe's Isles lay ab.tv5 Leag.s from the main which here forms a moderate high point which we called Bolthead from which the land trends more westerly & is all low sandy land, but to the southward it is high & hilly even near the sea, at 6am we got under sail & directed our course for one island which lay be a little way from the main & bore from us at this time N4°W dist.ce 5 leagues but we were soon interupted in our course by meeting with shoals but by the help of 2 boats ahead & a good lookout at the Masthead we got at last into a fair channel which lead us down to the island having a very large shoal on our starboard side & several smaller ones between us & the main land, in this channel we had from 30 to 30 between 11 & 12 o'clock we haul'd round the NE side of the island having it between us & the main from which it is dist.ce 7 or 8 miles this Island is about a league in circuit & of a mod.te height & is inhabited; to the NW of it were several small low islands & keys which lay not far from the main & to the Northward & Eastward lay several other islands & shoals so that we were now incompassed on every side by one or the other & the boats being out of their stations we brought too to wait for them, at noon our by
[margin] Cape Grenville[/margin]
Observ.n was 12:0S 217:25W. depth of water 14 fa.oms Course & distance sail'd reduced to a strait lin since yesterday Noon is N29°W. 32 miles, the main land within the above islands forms a point which I call Cape Grenville/ 11°:58' 217°:38'W./ between this Cape & the Bolthead is a Bay I named Temple Bay E1/2N 9 Lead.s from Cape Grenville lay some
[margin] Sir Charles Hardy [/margin]
tolerable high islands which I called Sir Chas Hardys Isles. those
[margin] Cockburns Isles [/margin]
which lay off Cape I named Cockburns Isles
Monday 20 Fresh breezes at ESE ab.t one pm the pinnance having got ahead & the yawl we took in tow we fill'd & steer'd NbW for some small islands we had in that direction after approaching them a little nearer we found them join'd or connected together by a large reef upon this we edged away NW & left them on our starboard, steering between them & the islands laying off the Main, having a fair & clear passage depth of water from 15 to 23 at 4 we discovered some low islands & rocks bearing WNW which we stood directly for at half past 6 we anchor;d on the NE side of the Northern in 16 distance from the island one mile, this Isle lay NW 4 Leag.s from C. Grenville on the Isles we saw a good many birds which occasioned my calling them Bird Isles. Before & at sunset we could see the Main Land which appeared all very low & sandy Extends as far as the Northward as NWbN & some shoals, keys & low sandy Isles away to the NE of us. At 6 am we got again under sail with a fresh breeze at E & stood away NNW for some low islands we saw in the distance but we had not stood long upon this course before we were obliged to haul close upon a wind in order to weather a shoal such

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