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Remarkable Occurrences & I.[Incidents] at Terra Del Fuego
[margin] Strong Curr. in Straits Le Maire [/margin]
Firstp.t. Strong Gales & very heavy squalls with Hail & Rain, remainder made mod.te. but unsettled sometimes a fresh breeze & Squally & sometimes little wind kept plying in the Straits until ½ Part 4 PM at which time the Tide had made strong against us & the wind not abating bore away, intending to have hauld under Cape Sn. Diego, but was prevented by the force of the Tide which carried us past that Cape with surprising rapidity at the sametime caused a very great seas at 6 the being Clear took 9 or 3 sets of Observations of the  sun & moon in order to find the Longitude of the Place & as they Perhaps are the first Observations of this kind that were ever made so near the Extremity of S.º America I have inserted them below just as they were taken that every body may judge for themselves. Cape Sn. Diego bore at this Time SbE about 4 Leagues Distance at ½ past 7 Tacked & Stood to the SE.t. Cape S.n Diego bearing SSE distance 5 Leagues, at 1 AM squally wore Ship  Shaken Land extending from Nº to East  at 4 Moderate weather loosed a Reef out of each Topsail the Cape of good Success WbS & Cape S.n Diego NNW being now in the Strait, but the Tide turning against us soon carried us out, The Violence of the Tide of Ebb rose such a Sea  off Cape S.n Diego that it looked as if it was breaking Violently on a Ledge of Rocks, & would be taken for such by any who know'd not the true cause, when the Ship was in this Torrent, she frequently Pitched her Bowsprit in the Water by Noon we got under the Land between Cape S.n Diego & Cape S.n Vincent where I thought to have Anchor'd but found the Bottom every where hard & Rocky the Depth of Water from 30 to 12 fathom, sent the Master to Examine a small Cove which appeared to our View a little to the Eastward of Cape S.t Vincent


Moon Center
The resulting
from back setting
23°.48".0" 66°.7'.45" NB The mean of the 3 sets is 66.9'.25" & the mean of Mr Greens Computations from the same Observations was 66.12.0 & the Mean of his Computations & mine will be 66°.11'.32" & therefore the Longitude of Cape Sn.Diego on the NWy entrance of Straits Le Maire will be 66°.0'.0"West from Greenwich & its Latitude 54.39 South.
Note the distance of the Sun & Moon were taken by Mr Green alone my Quadrant being out of Order
23.14.0 66.19.45  
22.55.0 66.0.45  

SUNDAY 15th Moderate breezes at Sº & SE.y & Cloudy the greatest part of this day at 2 PM the Master return'd with an account that there was Anchorage in 4 Water & a good bottom close to the Eastward of the first black bluff Point which is on the East-side of Cape S.t Vincent, at the very Entrance of the Cove we saw from the Ship for which I named Vincent Bay/before this Anchoring ground lay several Rocky Ledges covered with sea Weed on these Ledges I was informed was not less than 8 or 9 fathom  
[margin]Vincent Bay [/margin]

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