New Zealand
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this observation the of this place & Country will thereby be very accurately determined - Between 5 & 6 o'clock in the morning several canoes came off to us from all parts of the Bay in them were ab.t 130 or 140 people to all appearances and their first design was to attack us being all Compleatly Arm'd in their way, however this they never attempted but after parading about the Ship near 3 Hours, sometimes hading with us & other times tricking of us, they dispersed but not before we had fir'd a few Musquets & one great gun, not with any design to hurt any of them, but to shew them what sort of Weapons we had & that we could reveng any insult they offer'd to us. it was observable that they paid but little regard to the Musquets that were fir'd not withstanding one ball was fir'd thro' one of their Canoes, but what Effect the great gun had I know not for this was not fir'd until they were going away-
At 10 the wear Clearing up a little I went with 2 Boats to sound the Bay & to look for a more convenient Anchoring place. the Master being in one Boat & I in the other we pulld first over to the North Shore where some Canoes came out to meet us but as we came near them they retir'd to the Shore & invited us to follow them but seeing they were all Arm'd. I did not think fit to Except of their Invitation but after Trading with them out of the Boat a few Minuets we left them & went toward the head of the Bay. I observed on a high point a fortified Village but I could only see a part of the works. & as I intend to see the whole shall say no no more ab.t it at this time after has I fixed upon an Anchg place not far from were the Ship lay I returned on board-
Sunday 5th. Winds at NNW Hazey wea.r with rain in the night at 4pm weigh'd & run in nearer the So. shore & Anchor'd in 4½ a soft sandy bottom the So. point of the Bay bearing E, dist 1 Mile & a River into the boats can go at low Water SSE dist 7½ Mile In the morn.g the Natives came off again to the Ship but their behaviour was very diff.t to what it was yesterday morning & the little traffick we had with them was carried on very fair & friendly. Two came onboard the Ship to each I gave a Piece of English Cloth & some Spike Nails After the Natives were gone I went with the pinnace & Longb.t into the River to haul the Sean & I sent the Master to sound the Bay & dredge for fish in the Yard. We hauled the Sean in sev.l places in the River but caught only a few Mullet with we returned onb.d  ab.t Noon
Mod.te breezes at NNW.n & hazey wea.r with rain in the night pm I went to another part of the Bay to haul the Sean but met with as little Success as before & the Master did only get above ½ a bucket full of Shells with the Dredge The Natives bro.t to the Ship & sold to our people small Cockles, Clams & Mussels enough for all hands. there are found in great plenty upon the Sane Banks of the River -

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