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                         GEORGES ISLAND
June 1769

-left side note-seized upon their Canoes-end left side note- and according by want & took possession of all the Canoes of any value. I could meet with & brought them into the River behind the Fort to the Number of 22 & told the Natives then present/most of them being the owners of the Canoes/ that unless the principal things they had stol'n from us were not  restored. I would burn them every one, not that I ever intend to put this in execution, & yet I was very much displeased with them as they were daily either committting or attempting to commit one theft or other when at the same time contrary to the opinion of every body {I would not suffer them to be fir'd upon for this would have been, putting it in the power of the Centinels to have fir'd upon them upon the most Slitest occasions and had before experienced & I have a great Objection to firing with Powder only amongst People who know not the differance for by this they would learn to despise fire Arms & think their own Arrow superior & if ever such an Opinion Prevailed they would certainly attack you the event of which might prove as unfavourable to you as them- About Noon the rake was restored us when they wanted to have their Canoes again, but now as I had them in my Possession I was resolved to try if  they would not Redeem them by restoring what they had stol'n from us before the Principal things which we had lost was the Marine Musquet, a pair of Pistols belonging to Mr Banks a Sword belonging to one of the Petty & a Water Cask with some other Articles not worth mentioning: some said that these things were not in the Island others that Tootaha had been & those of Tootaha's friends laid the whole to Obaria & I believe the whole was betwn. these two Persons.

THURSDAY 15th  We have been enploy'd for some Days past in a State of decay to hand in order to be first expanded but having the People devided between the Ship & the Shore this work as well as refitting the Ship goes on but Slowly.

FRIDAY 16th } Variable winds with Showers of
SATURDAY 17th}rain & Cloudy weather-             
SUNDAY  18th    }Variable winds & clear weaer. This Night we observed the Moon totally Eclipsed-                                                 MONDAY 19th Punished James Tunley with 12 Lashes for taking Rum out of the Cask on the Quarter Deck-                                      TUESDAY 20th  Got all the Powder ashore to Air, all of which we found in a bad Condition & the Gunner informs me that it was very little better when it came first onboard, Last Night Obaria made us a Visit who we have not seen for some time, we was were told of her coming & that she would bring with her some of the stol'n thing which we gave Credit to because we know'd  several things of these were in her possession & but we was  were surprised to find this woman put herself wholy in our power & not bring with her one Article of what we had lost, the Excuse she made was that her Gallant a Man that used to be along with her, did steal them & she had beat him & turnd him away, but she was so sensible of her own guilt that she was ready to drop down through fear & yet she had resolation enough to insist upon sleeping in Mr Banks's tent all night and 

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