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Endeavour is made to get to the Westward is what I think no man will ever do that can avoid it. for it cannot be supposed that any one will steer Sº, merely to get into a high when at the same time he can steer West for it is not Southing but Westing thats wanting but this way you cannot Steer because the Winds blows almost Constantly from that Quarter, so that you have no other Choice but to stand to the Southward close upon a Wind & by keeping upon that Tack you not only make Southing but Westing also, & sometimes not a little, when the wind Varies to the Northward of West, And the farther you advance to the Southward the better Chance you have of having the Winds from that Quarter or Easterly & likewise of meeting with finer both of which we ourselves Experienced. Prudence will direct every man when in those high Latitudes to make sure of sufficient Westing to double all the lands before he thinks of standing to the Northward, when the winds was Westerly the Mountain on Terra Del Fuego were generally cover'd with dense Clouds, formed as one may reasonably suppose by Westwd. Exhalations & by Vapours brot: Whether by the Westerly winds. from that Quarter come frequent Showers of rain Hail & Snow, & after we had left the land & w stand.g to the Southwd. with the winds westerly dark dense clouds were Continualy forming in the Horizon & rose to about 45º were they began to dispate, these were generally attended with Showers of Rain or hail & Squals of Wind, but as we advanced to the Southwd. these Clouds became less dense & in the Latde.of 60º.10' when we got the winds Easterly the was more serene & Milder, again as we advanced to the Northwd.we had a constant Clouded Sky & dark gloomy weather the whole time exceeding Cold-

Remarkable Occurrences & I.[Incidents] in the South Seas-

The first part fresh Gales & Hazey with rain the remainder moderate & Cloudy with frequent rain
Little wind & Cloudy the most part of this day Var.on of Azmth. in the Evening 12º Et. & in the morning both by an Amplde. & an Azmth. 11ºEt, AM Shifted the Mainsail Mizen. Fore & Main to topsail-

The firstpart of this day had fresh Gales & Cloudy, in the Night thick hazey with heavy squall of wind & rain which obliged us to close reef our Topsails, in the morning & all the forenoon had strong gales & cloudy very heavy Seas from the SSW, one of which broke upon the Quartr. and carried away the Driver Boom.
Strong Gales & Cloudy the most part of this day. Split the Maintopsl. unbent it. & bent another 

Fresh gales all this day the weaer.Variable sometimes fair & Cloudy, othertimes hazey with drisling rain, saw some Birds nearly as big as Albetrosses xxx they were all black with Yellow Beaks-

Firstpart fresh gales & Hazey, the Middlept. hazey with drizling rain the latter gentle breezes & fine Clear yet the Air is still Cold-

Modte. breezes & fine the greatest part of this day, & the Sea very smooth, found by repeated trials that the South point of the Dipping Needle dip'd 65º.52 below the Horizon-
Fresh breezes & pretty Clear Variat.on 6.30 Et.     

Hazey rainy the most part of this Day-


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