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The Church of Bonn Voyage, about half way down the Cliff between the Church is a Battery of 3 Guns. neither the one nor the Other of these Battrys are of much Consequence they serve indeed to force Shipping coming into the Bay between 2 fires and hinder them from Anchoring on that side, until they are Silenced-the next fortification is that at the Isla de Loobras, the East point & N.o. side of which consists of a Rampart Bastion. & a Parrapet faced with Stones & mounted with Cannon but no Ditch which is not much wanting as the works are built on the Edge of the rising Ground. the other side next the town hath one other inclosure are in bad repair on acco.t. of being so Extensive that they would take more men to Defend them than they could Spare & placing no Dependancy on their Strength let them go to decay. the ground on which the Monastry of Benedictines stands Commands the Works on the Island. Over the S.o. end of the City stands the Castle of St.Sebastions it is Seated upon a Hill & Commands the whole Town & this is all I know of it. only that it is not counted a place of any great Strength. For the Defence of these Forts & the Town The King of Portugal Maintains 7 Regiments of
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Regular Troops. those I saw were all clothed & in a good Condition but this I was told was not the Case with the Whole, beside these Troops are 3 Regiments of Militias 2 of Horse & one of Foot, these consist of the Principal inhabitants of the Place who serve without Pay. Muster & Exercise in turns Nine Months in the Year on which acco.t. they rank with the Regular Troops - 

The City of Rio de Janeiro is in the Latitude of 22º:50'  South Longitude of 42º15' West from Greenwich according to Observations made at Sea it is Seated on a plain Close to the Shore on the West side of the Bay at the Foot of Several high Mountains it is neither ill design'd or ill built the Houses are mostly stone generally one & two Story high with Balconys to most of them the Streets are of a Convenient breadth and Cross each other at right Angles, & the whole City may be about 3 Miles in Compass it is Govern'd by a Governor appointed by the King the Present Govern.r. is Don:....Mondoya.. Fastada who is no Friend to the English. it likewise is the Residence of the Vice Roy & Captain General of the States of Brazil, who is as absolute as any Monarch on Earth & the People to all appearance as
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much Slaves. This City & Adjacent posts about the Bay are said to Contain 100,000 Souls


Week Days
Winds Courses Dist Latitude
in So
Longde to
Bearg. & de at Noon
December 1768
8th ENEn
So.7.30W 85 24.17 42.29  
Friday 9 Nn
So.22.En 32 24.46 42.16  
Saturday 10 Southerly SE/eEn 75 25.34 41.12  
Sunday 11 Southerly So20En 9 25.43 41.8  
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