Remarkable Occurrences in the South Seas -----

We steer'd to

the South [w'd]          

AM. Light Air & Calm. remainder ˊfresh breeze & Cloudy at 6 PM the South end of [Weetea] SE½E2 dist2. Leagues but I take my departure from the Harbour sails from in Latde. 16:4'6S° & Longde. 15°1.27w2 at 7AM found the VarHR. to be °5:.50 E2

Fresh breeze & Clear weather -----
Gentle breeze & Fair weather -----
Mod.+ breeze & Clear weather Variation °5:4.0 East [UNKNOWN SYMBOL]

Fresh breeze & fair wea2. at 2AM saw land bearing SE2. which Tupia calls the Island of Ohetinoa at 6 was within 2 or 3 Leagues of in the Easterns bearing loom S6E to SE2 shortened sail & stood off [Von] all night at 6AM made soul & stood in for the land & sun to leave of the island keeping close in shore all the time saw several of the Natives as we run along shore but in no great numbers. at 9 hoisted out the Pinnace Vessel Lieutenant Govs Mr Banks & Tupia to Endeavour to Land upon the island & speak with the Natives & to try if they could learn from them what lands lay to the Southward of us. & likewise to see if these was Anchorage of us in a Bay which appeased to run view, not that I intended to anchor or make any stay here - 

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