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Remarkable Occurrences & I.[Incidents] from Rio de Janeiro, Towards Terra del Fuego-

by the Evening Amplitude & an in the Morning to be 8º.30' East, & the Observ'd Latitude at Noon to be short of that given by the Log 10 Miles, Exercis'd the People at Great Guns to Small Arms.

Firstpart Gentle breezes & Clear remainder a steady Gale the a little hazey Var.on. 8.23E.t.

First & latterp.t fresh breezes & Cloudy. Middle little wind with Thunder or Lightning & Rain the Caulkers employ'd Caulking the Ships Decks  

The fistp.t. a fresh Gale & dark Cloudy little wind & Clear a large swell from SW

Genteel breezes & Clear Variation 9º.36' E.t.
Hazey with frequent Showers of Rain, all the Fore & Middlep.t. latter Clear with a Gentle breeze of Wind

Firstp't light winds, remainder fresh breezes & Clear 11°. 3' E.t.

A steady fresh breeze & fair at ½ past 5 PM Long.te. in Per Observ.on. of the Sun & Moon 43º.38'W.t. from Greenwich, Variation 11.3E.t the Observed Latitude exceeds that given by the log 7 Miles-

A fresh breeze of Wind & hazey Variat.on. 13.44E.tobserv'd Latitude exceeds that given by the log 11 Miles

Wind & wea.r. Variable saw several black sheer Waters sounded twice this 24 Hours but found no ground with 90 the Observed Latitude ahead of the Log 16 Miles

Little wind the most past of this day Variation 15º.30'E.t. Bent a New Suit of Sails-

Light Airs & Clear saw some Turtle upon the Water but could not catch any. sounded one ground with 200 Variation 15.40E.t

Firstp.t. Calm remainder a Genteel breeze & fine Clear wea.r. this night had 2 Sets of Observ.on.of the Moon & the Star Aldebaran which gave theº.54'.15"W.t. the first
Sett gave 49º.55.19" & the Second 49º.53'.15".-

Fresh breezes & fine Clear wea.r.

A Fresh breeze of Wind & Cloudy wea.r.Passed by some Rock Weed. At Noon the Observed 26 Miles to the Sºward of the Log which I believe is chiefly owing to her being Generally steer'd to the Southward of her Course. Yesterday being Christmas Day the People were none of them Soberest.

Fresh Breezes & Hazey with Squalls which Obliged us during the Night to take in the small Sails. & 2 Reefs in the Topsails which was let out in the Morning-                                                                                              First-



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