No. 17


Week Days.   


Winds Remarkable Occurences on board His Majesty's Bark
Endeavour. River Thames
May 1768
Friday 27
to Friday July 29th
WSW Mod.te & fair wea.r at 11am, hoisted the Pennant & rook charge of the Ship agreeable to my Commiss.on of the 27 Instant she lying  in the Bason in Deptford Yard. from this day to the 21 of July we were Constantly emply'd in fitting the Ship, taking on board stores & provisions &t. the same day we saild from Deptford & anchord in Gallions Reach where we remained until the 30th. The transactions of each day both while we lay here & at Deptford are inserted in the Log Book & as they contain nothing but common occurrences it was thought not necessary to insert them here
July 30
August 7
  Saturday July 30th weighed from Gallions & made sail down the river. the same day anchor'd at Groves and the next morning weighed from thence & at noon anchor'd at the Busy of the Fairway. on Wednesday 3 of Augst anchor'd in the Downs in 9 fa.m Water. Deal Castle NWbW. On Sunday 7 I joined the ship discharged the Pilot & the next day saild for Plymouth
Monday 8th WbN
Fresh breezes & cloudy wea.r the most part of these 24 hours at 10am. weigh'd & came to sail at noon the So. Ireland bore NE1/2N dist.t 6 or 7 miles
Tuesday 9th NW
to No.
Gentle breezes & cloudy wea.r at 7pm the tide being against us anchor'd in 13 fa.m. water  Dungeness SWbW, at 11 weighd & made sail down Channel at Noon Beachy Head Nb1/2E distant 6 leag.s Latitude observed 50.30No
Wednesday 10th WbN
Variable, light airs & clear wea.r at 8pm Beachy Head NEbE distant 4 Leag. and at 8am it bore NEbN 9 Leagues. Found the variation of the compass to be 23°W. at Noon the Isle of Wight NWbW.
Thursday 11th Variable Light airs & clear wea.r at 8pm Dunnose NbW 5 Lg's & at 4am it bore NNE1/2 So distant 5 Leag.s
Wednesday 12 Easterly Light airs & calm all these 24 hours at Noon the Bell of Portland bore NW 1/2 [?] distant 3 Leagues observed 50.24 North
Thursday 13 Variable Ditto wea.r at Noon the Start Point West 7 or 8 miles observed 50.12No which must be the latitude of the start as it bore West 
Sunday 14th NErly Fine breezes & clear wea.r at 1/2 past 8pm anchor'd in the entrance of Plym Sound in 9 water at 4am weighd & worked into proper anchoring ground & anchor'd in 6 the Mewstone SE. Mount Batten NNE1/2 E & Drakes Island NbW. Dispatched an express to London for Mr Banks & Dr Solander to join the ship their servants & baggage being already onboard.
Monday 15th SW
to SE
First & latter parts mod.te breezes & fair/middle squally with heavy showers of rain & this day ried an order to augment the ships comp.y to 85 men which before was 70 ried onboard fresh beef for the ships comp.y
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