James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 45

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Remarkable Occurrences &tc.  at Rio De Janeiro

THURSDAY 24.th Thursday a Spanish Packet / a Small Brig / from Bonas[sic] Aires put in here in her way to Spain this Vessel belonged to his Catholic Majesty. & notwithstanding the Vice Roy had all along pretended that the orders he had respecting Foreign Vessels were General yet this Vessel meet with very Different Treatment from us, No Guard was put over her & her Officers & Crew went where ever they pleased-

FRIDAY 25.th }                                                                    SATURDAY 26.th.}Employ'd getting onboard water as fast as the Coopers could set up & repair the Casks, setting up the rigging & Caulking the Ships sides-  

SUNDAY 27.th Bent the Sails & Clean'd the Ship Fore & Aft-

MONDAY 28.th Fine Pleasant wea.r the Caulkers having finished the sides paid them with Tar, this day I unexpectedly received an Answer from my last Memorial wherein was only a few weak Arguments to Support his Excel.y Suspicions that the Ship did not belong to the King & that my People Smugled[sic]; this Memorial I answered-

TUESDAY 29.th Employd Lashing the Casks that were on the upper Deck & between Decks & making ready for Sea-

WEDNESDAY 30.th. Punished Robert Anderson Seaman & William Judge Mariner with 12 Lashes Each, the former for leaving his Duty ashore & attempting to desart[sic] from the Ship & the Latter for using abusive language to the Officer of he Watch, & John Reading Boatswain Mate with 12 Lashes. for not doing his Duty in Punishing the above two Men, sent aShore to the Vice Roy for a Pilot to Carry us to Sea. who sent one onboard together with a Large Boat. which I did not want. but it is the Custom in this Port for the Pilots to have such a Boat to attend upon the Ship they Pilot each & for which you must pay 10/-Per day. besides the Pilots fees which is Seven pounds four Shillings Sterling-

THURSDAY 1.st Decemb.r Wind at SEt.which hindered us from Sailing as we intended Received on board a large Quantity of fresh Beef. Greens. & Game. for the Ships Comp.y

FRIDAY 2.d This morning sent a Packet for the Secretary of the Admiralty onb.d the Spanish[ Pacquat] containing Copy's of all the Memorials & Letters that have Passed between the Vice Roy & me & likewise another Packet containing Duplicates thereof I left with the Vice Roy to be by him forwarded to Lisbon, at 9 weighed & came to Sail & turned down the Bay. Peter Flower Seaman fell over board & before any Assistance could be given him was drown'd. in his room we got a Portugue[sic]

SATURDAY 3d. Firstp.t mod.te breezes at SE.t remainder fresh Gales at Sº. with Rain at 1 PM Anchor'd in 18 fa.om. water in the Great Road/see Plan-

SUNDAY 4.th Fore & Middle parts fresh Gales at SSE.t with heavy rain Latter Variable Light Airs & fair wea.r  hoisted in the Long boat & secured her,

MONDAY  5.th Firstpart little wind. & Cloudy. Middle Thunder Lightning & Rain


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