James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 31

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Remarkable Occurrences &tc in Funchal Road  Madeira

Fresh breezes & Clear weaer at 8PM. Anchor'd in Funchal  in 22 fa am found here His Majes Ship Rose & several Mercht.Vessels. in the Morning new birthed [berthed]the Ship & Moor'd with the Stream Anchor half a Cable on the Beat Bower & a Hawser & a half on the Stream

Firstpt [fine clear weaer remainder Cloudy with Squalls from the land attended with Showers of rain in the Night the Bend of the Hawsers of the Stream Anchor Slip'd, owing to the Carelesness of the Person who made it fast in the Morning have up the Anchor in the Boat & carried it out to the Southward, in heaving the Anchor out of the Boat. Mr Weir Masters Mate was carried overboard by the Buoy rope & to the Bottom with the Anchor, hove up the Anchor by the ship as soon as possible & found his Body intangled[sic] in the Buoy rope. moor'd the Ship with the two Bowers in 22 Fathom water the Loo Rock W & the Boasen head Et Saild His Majes Ship Rose. The Boats employ'd carrying the Casks a Shore for Wine & the Caulkers Caulking the Ship Sides-

Squals[sic] of Wind from the Land with rain, the most part of these 24 Hours received onb.d fresh Beef & Green for the Ships Comp.y & sent on shore all our Casks for Wine & Water having a Shore Boat Employd[sic] for that purpose

The most pt fine Clear weaer. Punished Henry Stevens Seaman & Thos. [thomas]Dunster Marine with 12 laches[lashes] each for refusing to take their allowance of Frech [sic]Beef. Employe'd taking on board Wine & Water-

Little wind & fine clear weaer. Issued to the whole ships Company 20 Pound of Onion Per Man Employed as Yesterday .

Do. [ditto]Wea.er PM  received on board 270 Pounds of fresh Beef & a live Bullock charged 613  Pounds. Compleated[sic] our Wine & Water having received of the Former 3032 Gallons of the Latter 10 Tons. AM unmoor'd & Prepar'd for Sailing. FUNCHALL in the Island of Madeira by Observations made here by Dr. Ebarton FRS, lies in the Latitude of 32º.33'.33" N. & Long.de. W. from Greenwich 16º.49' the Variation of the Compass 15º.30'.W.decreasing as he says which I much doubt, neither does this Variation agree with our own Observations.the Tides Flow fall & Change N.& S. & rises Perpendicular 7 Feet at Spring Tides & 4 feet at  Niep tides.We found the North Point of the Diping Needle belonging to the Royal Society to Dip77º.18'_ The Refreshments for Shipping to be got at this place are Wine,Water Fruit of Several Sorts & Onions in Plenty, some Sweat Meats but fresh Meat & Poultry are very Dear, & not to be had at any rate without Leave from the Governor

Light breezes & fine Clear weaer at Midnight Saild from Funchall. at AM the high land over it bore N½E.unbent the Cables stow'd the Anchors & Issued to the Ships Comp.y 10 Pound of Onions Per Man Ships Draught of Water FM. 8  A 15.1

Light Airs & Clear weaer. PM took several Azmth. [azimuth]which gave the Variatn. 16º30'W put the Ships Comp.y to these Watches

Firstpt. light Airs remainder fresh Beezes & Clear weaer. issued Hooks & Lines to the Ships Compy. & Employ'd them in the day in making Matts & &tc for the Rigging - 

Genteel breezes & Clear weaer at 4PM Saw the Salvages bearing So at 6 the Body of the Island bore S½W. diste. about 5 Leagues. found the Variation of the Compass by an Azmth.[azimuth] to be 17º.50' W. at 10 the Isles of Salvages bore W b½S diste. 2 Lg's I make those Islands to lie in Latde.30º11.Sº & Sº.16..E.n. 58 Lg's from Fanchal Madeira

Light breezes & Clear weaer. at 6AM saw the Peak of Teneriffe bearing W.b.S½ S  and the Grand Canaries S½W.t. the Variation of the Compass from 17º.22' to 16º.30' 

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