James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 122

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1769 July

island which has a little ... of it between ... from ... lies 2 others ... Islands in the same direction as the the reef of which they are apart between these 2 Islands is another ... into the... that is a full quarter of a mile ... still further to the NW....other small Islands where I am informed is another..., but there I did not see, but also the other 2. We entered the Harbour by the one & came out by the other.
The principal refinements we have got ... consists in ... nuts, some yams & a few Hogs & fowls this side of the Island is neither... nor rich in produce. If compared to Georges Island or even ... however ... is now want of refinements for ... who may put in here & stay but a short time & wood ... may be got every were ... letter is not very convenient to come at.

26th Winds at .... but very variable towards the latter part ...the North ... S°75°W...end of ... N°77°W, about a league to the Northward of the S end of .... on the ...side of the Island a mile or more from the... 2 small islands, between these islands ... says these in a  ... into a very good harbour which lies within the reef & it had all the appearance of such keeps...to Windward all night without getting and ... at noon the ...

27th variable light ... of wind in the SW quarter ... that those is a broad Channel between ... I intend to go through that way & not run to the Northward of all, but as the wind is right ... variable with all. we get little or no... between 5 & 8 o'clock... we were standing to the Northward we discovered a small low island lying N6W or NNW just 4 or 5 leagues from Bolabola, this island is called... says it produces nothing, but a few Cocoa nuts, that there are only 3 families live upon it, but that the people from these islands ... to ... at noon the peak of Bolabola ... N25°W & the N° end of ... N80°W ... 3 leagues latitude observed 16: 38

28th little winds, variable between the SW & NW at 6am being near the entrance of the harbour which lies on the east side of ... before... & finding that it might be examined without losing time. I sent away the ... in the longboat with orders to sound the harbour & of the wind did not shift in our favour to land upon the island & ... with the natives for such refinements as wise to... went along

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