James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 85

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page 85
                      GEORGES ISLAND
April 1769
but not one of them came off to the Ship during the whole day in the evening I went ashore with only a Boats crew & some of the Gentlemen the Natives gathered about us to the Number of about 30 or 40 & brought us Cocoa Nuts & I.seem'd as friendly as ever-

MONDAY 17th At o'Clock this morning departed this life Mr Alex Buchan Landskip Draftman to Mr Bank's a Gentleman well skill'd in his Profession & one that will be greatly missed in the Course of this Voyage, he had long been subject to a disorder in his Bowels which had more than once brought him to the very point of Death & was at the sametime jubgect to fits of one of which he was taken on Saturday morning; this brought on his former disorder which put a Period to his life, Mr Banks thought it not so advisable to Inter the Body ashore in a place where we were utter strangers to the Custom of the Natives on such accasions it was therefore sent out to sea & committed to that Element with all decency the Circumstance of the place would admit of --left side note - We are Visited by several of the Chiefs- end left side note. 
This morning several of the Chiefs came from the Westward made us a ..... they brought with them Emblems of Peace which are Young Plaintain Trees these they put onboard the Ship before they would venture themselves they brought us a Present of 2Hogs/ an Article we find here very Scarce/ & some Bread Fruit, for these they had Hatchets & other things in the afternoon we set up one of the Ships Tents ashore & Mr Green & myself stay'd there the night to observe an Eclipse of Jupiters first Satelite which w was hinderd from seeing by Clouds-

TUESDAY 18th . Cloudy weaer.with some showers of rain this morning took as many People out of the Ship as could Possibly be spared & set about Erecting a ....    some  where  employ'd in throughing up intrenchments while others was cutting fp chine, Pieguets & I. The Natives were so far from left side note - Begin  to erect a Fort-end left side note -hindering us that several of them assisted in bringing The Puguets & Fachines out of the woods & seem'd quite unconcern'd at what we was about the wood we made use on, for this occasion we purchased of them & we cut no Tree down before we had first obtain'd their Consent, By this time all the Ships sails were undent & the Armourers Forge set up to repair the Iron work & I. served Frech Pork to the Ships Comp this day for the first time this is like to be a very scarce Article with us but as to Bread fruit Cocoa Nutts & Plantains the Natives supply us with as much as we can destroy-
WEDNESDAY 19th. This morning Lycurgus, whose real name is Tooboura tomita came with his Family from the Westward in order from what we could understand to live near us, he brought with him the vovering of a House with several other Materials for building one, we intend to requite the Confidence this man seems to put in us by Greating him with all imaginable kindness, got onshore some Empty Casks which we placed in a double row along the Bank of the River by way of a breast work on that side-
THURSDAY 20th Wind at SEt & Squally with rain all hands employ'd ashore & nothing remarkable excepting a Hog weighing about 90 Pound was brought  alongside the Ship for Sale, but those who brought it would not part with it for anything we could offer them but a Carpenters broad Axe & as this was what we would not part with, they carried it away; thus we see those very People who but 2 Years ago Prefer'd a spike Nail to an Axe of any Sort, have now so far learnt the use of them that they will not part with a

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