James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 353

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Remarkable Occurrences in Batavia Road
[margin] Oct 1770 [/margin]
such private persons to do it as may be willing to advance money for Bills of Exchange on the Honourable the Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Brittannick Majesty's Navy. The Commissioners for victualling His Majesty's Navy. and the Commissioners for taking care of the sick & hurt
Dated onboard His Brittanick Majesty's Bark the Endeavour in Batavia Road the 16th of Oct.r 1770.
Wednesday 17th. In the pm waited upon the Superintendent of Anrust with an order from the Shebander to receive us at that island, but this order the Superintendent told me was not sufficient to impower him to give me the conveniences & assistance I wanted & when I came to call upon the Shebander I found this mistake was owing to the word heave down being wrong translated this circumstance triffling as it is cause a delay of some days as it cannot be set to rights until' next Council day which is not till Friday.
[margin] Anchor'd off Coopers Island[/margin]
Thursday 18th. In the pm received onboard 2 live oxen 150 gallons of Arrack, 3 barrels of tar, & one of pitch. at daylight in the am took up our anchor & run down to Unrust at 9 anchor in 7 fathoms of Coopers Island which lies close to Anrust there are wharfs at both of the Islands & ships land there shores sometimes on the one and sometimes on the other. but it is only at Anrust where the proper conveniences are for heaving down soon after we anchor'd I went ashore to the Officer of the Yard to see if they could and allow us some place to land our stores but this could not be granted without orders.

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