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entrenching tools and the thousand odd articles required by a great
army. This stream passing up is met by another stream of Red Cross Wagons Stretcher Bearers empty carts and pack mules and troops coming off duty from the front trenches coming down. The activity in the Gully never ceases day and night. It is the Piccadilly of Gallipoli with many a dangerous crossing where shells and bullets fired from the trenches at its head claim their victims from the ranks of this living stream. A pathway broken and stony existed in the Ravine but this has now been transformed into an excellent road along which wheeled transport passes smoothly and rapidly.

The Gully varies in depth in width and in security as you pass up it and in the latter case according to the angle it occupies towards the enemy's trenches. For although after leaving the sea shore it takes a general direction towards the north east that is to say towards Krithia it twists and turns in a remarkable manner and at one point you may walk in perfect security behind a bluff at another you may catch a stream of bullets from the Turkish trenches in front. The Turks who know every inch of the ground formerly fired a tremendous number of shells into the Ravine realising it must be used by us as our main line of communication to the
front but of late their has been a distinct falling off in the volumeof this fire pointing to a growing shortage of ammunition. Nevertheless there are quite enough shrapnel bursting about yourhead especially when annattack is in progress for then in addition to the shells deliberately aimed you catch a large number of stray ones aimed at our batteries and also thousands of dropping bullets which have missed

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