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Short Record Of The Doings Of The First Brigade

After relieving the Naval Division, this Brigade held the line from Courtenay's Post, Shrapnel Gully, along the Western edge of the Plateau 400, as far as the left of the 3rd Brigade (the second Brigade being taken away early in May to be sent to Helles (see under news of 2nd Brigade later)-) The northern part of this line was commanded by "Battleship Hill" and throughout the whole period was shelled daily.

Standing room was scanty since to the rear of the position were steep slopes and gullies. In front was the notorious German officer's trench. The trenches made the first few days were of necessity, shallow and many badly sited. To render them secure they had to be widened and deepened, and more communication trenches cut. A few forward moves had to be made to improve siting. Watering parties were much exposed and the walk was hazardous.

In the middle of May while this work was going on, the Turks made their famous attack, the 3rd battalion suffered rather heavily in proportion to their numbers, the brunt of the attack in this area falling on them. A partially completed trench across Owen's Gully received particular attention. Here Lieutenant Street of the battalion particularly distinguished himself until he fell. Other names to be remembered in connection with this defence are:- Captain (now Lietu-Col) McConaghey and Captain Austin (afterwards killed on August 6th in Lone Pine when gallantly leading his company). There were many othere since killed - the list of rank and file would be

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