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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
every odd minute of each twenty four hours all through the summer and now the are faced with the prospects of another five months icy blockade of the Dardanelles. When millions at home are comfortably sleping in their warm beds listening to the gales howling outside when houndreds of thousands of soldiers will be crouching in the trenches trying to obtain some warmth and shelter, our Destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean will still have to stand like Sentinels before the mouth of the Straits washed by enormous seas, tossed to and from like corks encrusted with ice exposed to the full force of wind rain abd snow. A horrible life which only me, of iron can stand. But their crews will never fail us. They will nevr let go the iron grip they have obtained on the tottering Turkish Empire and every time a shivering Turk looks over his parapet from Europe or Asia he will see these grim sentinels of fate [indecipherable] and realize how hopelessit is in the long run to contend against a nation that has the undisputed command of the sea.

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