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The Turks were in strong force and No 4 Fort was never reached. Yeni Shehr was howiver bombarded with twelve pounders with good results

On March 4th the concealed batteries on the Asiatic shore opened fire for the first time on the Canopus Irrestible and Cornwallis which were spotting for the Queen Elizabeth firing on Fort 20.

March 6th
the Agememnon accompanied the Queen Elizabeth which went up to Gaba Tepe to fire over the peninsula. But the ships had to wlthdrw owing to a bettery of concealed howitzers. Agememnon returned to Tenedos on March 6th.

Sunday March 7th
The Agememnon received the following orders. 'You are to take the Lord Nelson under your orders and proceed to the Dardaneles arriving 12-30 pm. You are to attack forts 13 and 19 in accordance with instructions laid down in my letter No 49 b to Contre Admiral Guepratte a copy of which has been delivered to you. Strict economy of ammunition must be exercised, If the reults are not commensurate with expenditure you should request permission to withdraw. The best line of approach is about one mile from the North shore'.

Shortly after noon the day being fine and clear the two ships neterd the Dardanelles and passed the Suffren Charlemagne and Gaulois further in shore. Gradually fort 13th was opened up off Suandere point at at 13-30 fire was opened with fire turret at 14000 yards. The range was soon found inspite of adverse wind which blew the smoke of the funnels into the control top. At 13-35 the forts at Kephez point opened fire hitting the Age' armour. Immediately afterwards when 12000 yards off the Narrowsthe ship altered to starboard at increased speed

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