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was of course out of the question. The Majestic now presented an extraordinary spectacle. She was lying over on her side having such a list that it was no longer possible to stand on her deck. About one third of the crew still seemed to be hanging onto the rails or standing on her side as if hesitating to jump into the sea. All around the sea was full of men some swimming towards neighbouring ships others apparently having their work cut out to keep themselves afloat. All the vessels in the neighbourhood were lowering boats and many steam launches were hastening to pick up survivors but they did not dare stand in too close for fear of being dragged under in the final plunge.

I was just thinking what a magnificent photograph the scene w would make when someone called out 'If you dont loose that rope you will be dragged under'. I am told it was the Captain Talbot who was still hanging onto the Quarterdeck who saw the danger we were in and who gave the warning just in time.For in the general confusion we had not noticed that our boat was attacked by a rope to the end of the torpedo boom. In fact she belonged to the Majestic and had been lying out all night. This discovery caused great excitement on board and many to escape this immenent disaster preffered to entrust themselves once more to the sea jumping overboard with oars in their hands. I was hesitating whether to follow suit when someone in the bows managed to clear or cut the rope and we were free. A very few seconds later the Majestic rolled right over to port and sank bottom upwards like a great stone without any further warning. There came a dull rumblimng sound a swirly of water and steam for a moment her green bottom was exposed

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