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Fifth Battalion:- This battalion, under Le Maitre, held that portion of the old trenches behind Lone Pine and was also absorbed into the position as casualities grew.
Sixth Battalion:- This battalion supplied the detachment which suffered so heavily in the attack on the night of the 6th August on German officers' trench, where the gallant Spargo and many others lost their lives.
Eighth Battalion:- This battalion under Col. Brand. who commenced the campaign on the staff of the 3rd Brigade, held the line, now much battered, to the north of Shrapnel Gully, including the well known Courtenay's Post. In addition to Brand, Majors Coulter and Ebling stand out for distinction amongst many others.
Third Brigade.
After covering the landing on the 25th April, this Brigade held the southern portion of the trenches, as far as the left of the 2nd Light Horse Brigade, who were on the extreme right. Composed mainly of miners this Brigade pushed forward its trenches underground, ably assisted by the 3rd Field Company Engineers under Capt. (now Major) Clogstoun, R.E. and drove its mine galleries into the enemy's territory. The 11th Battalion at the end of July carried out a brilliant operation against a hostile trench and captured and held it. This operation was conducted by Capt. (now Lieut. Col) Lean, in a most brilliant manner, and incurred some 400 casualities before the newly won position could be securely consolidated. The staff work in connection was admirable, as were the

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