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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
Second Assault on Sari Bair Position
Afternoon of 7th orders issued for advance in three columns

Right Column (Johnstone) 26th I.M.B.
Aukland M.R.
No 1 Com N. Z.E.
N.Z Infantry Brigade.
2 Bts 13th Div. 8th Welsh Pioneers 7th Glouc R.
Objective the line point 161 (80 K.5 &6)- Chunik Bair Point 81 A .4.

Centre and Left Columns (Cox )
21 I.M.B
No 2 C N.E
4th A.I.B.
39th I.B less one battn but with 6th S.Lan R. attached.
29.1 B.
Objective the line 81 ΒΌ. 4- Hill 1 81 i 2) Point 305.

N.Z M.R.B to remain in occupation of Big Table Top Old No 3 Post and Bauchop Hill
40th I B. to remain in occupation of Damakjelik Bair less two battalions.
Attack proceeded by h b. commenced at 4-15 am Aug 8th
On right Gen Johnstone column Wellington I.B. 7th Gloucesters Auckland Mounted Rifles and 8th Welsh Pioneers and Maori con. led by Gen Malone (killed) made determined attack and succeeded in gaining south western slopes of the main knoll of Chunuk Bair

Current Status: