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company culminated at Lone Pine when between the 6th and 12th of August it was incessantly at work and suffered many casualties. The names of officers whose services stand out are Major Mastyn, Lieuts. Mirams and Drake- Brockman. The latter had particularly bad luck, kept back in August after his brigade left for Lemnos to recoup, to instruct engineers of the new (2nd) division. He was eventually badly wounded by a bomb, the last day of his extended duty.
It is in connection with the attack at Lone Pine that the 1st Brigade will always be remembered. This formidable operation has been so often and ably described, that it is unnecessary to do so here. The brigade went in nearly 3,000 strong and came out 1,000. It would require a lengthier despatch than usual to set forth the brilliant deeds of officers and men, but the following names stand out.
First Battalion:- Colonel Bennett, Major Kingdon, Major Davidson, Capts. Lloyd and Jacobs, Sasse, Shout, Lloyd. The latter was, to use the words of the divisional commander, one of the most gallant shoulders that ever lived. He was killed by a bomb.
Second Battalion:- Colonel Scobie, Major Stevens. The former died a soldier's death on 7th August, having been foremost in the fighting through the previous night and day. And many others.
Third Battalion:- Colonel Brown, Major (Lieut Col) [MaConoghy?] Howell Price, Wells and many others. Colonel Brown was killed. He and Scobie were irreparable losses to the

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