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The New Phase of the Campaign

E. Ashmead-Bartlett.
The close of the action on the right of our line on the evening of July 13th has been followed by three weeks of almost complete inactivity and neither the Tirks oourselves have made any further effort to press home an offensive. On July 13th the first period of the campaign may be said to have come to an end and since that date both Armies have been bracing themselves for the terrible clash which is now only a few days perhaps even only a few hours distant. The issues which hang in the balance are of the most paramount importance not only to ourselves and to the Turks but they will vitally effect the future destinies of almost every power engaged in this World Struggle.

Ever since we landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula on that historic Sunday April 25th we have been fighting the enemy with insufficient forces and insufficent munitions. Time and time again we have barely held our own; on many occasions when the brilliancy and dash of our incomparable infantry seemed about to open up the brightest prospects for a brilliant success our Commander in Chief has been obliged to stay his hand and to rest content with small gains because of this lack of ammunition and the want of sufficent reserves to throw into the firing line at the critical stage when the enemy seemed to be almost on the run. Up to the present time our losses have been so severe that they have barely been compensated for by the reinforcements which have reached the front. Thus although fresh Divisions have from time to time reached the Army its actual

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