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subsequent engineer operations. The 12th Battalion of this Brigade was absorbed into Lone Pine after August 6th having been held in reserve for that purpose. They acted with great gallantry, many names of officers and men stand out for distinction. It is regretted that they all cannot be enumerated here. We look to see theirs in despatches yet to be published, but we must mention Brig. Gen. Sinclair-MacLagan, Ross his Brigade Major, Artillery Colonels Weir, Robertson and Smith.
First Brigade:- The 1st Brigade (Col. Christian commanding) served its time at Cape Helles until October. Despatches have shown the high estimate it was held in.
Second And Third Brigades.- These Brigades commanded by Colonels Johnston and Rosenthal respectively, under the Divisional Artillery Brig. Gen. Hobbs speedily showed their worth. Full of initiative and adaptability they soon proved their superiority to the Turkish Artillery and in spite of casualities from wounds and sickness, never failed. The Divisional Commander speaks of them in the highest terms. The younger officers showed great skill in observation. After the capture of Lone Pine, detachments of the 7th and 8th Batteries distinguished themselves in dealing with hostile movements on the Southern side, and two guns under Captain Waite, may be said to have absolutely guarded the southern flanks of Lone Pine. Other officers' names besides those already mentioned, which stand out for distinction are Bessel-Browne, Bayers, Hodgkins, Walker, Rodgers, etc, and innumerable N.C.Os and men.

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