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themselves and are merely pulling chestnuts out of the fire for others. The tension which existed between the higher commands has been relieved by the departure of General D'Amade. That General seems to have gone off his head very early in the proceedings. General Gouraud apparently enjoys the confidence of the army. Thus, it will be obvious that our forces in Southern Gallipoli, as a present constituted, are not in a position to resume the offensive against Achi Baba on an ambitious scale.
The arrival of the Lowland Division will relieve the pressure on the old troops, but no General dares undertake serious operations with these troops until they have become accustomed to their surroundings and have been tested in action. All that can be expected at the present time is a continuation of this slow outflanking movement on our left wing behind Krithia and the same slow advance in the centre.

What Can Be Done In The Future?
I have attempted this short review of the- existing situation in order to make it perfectly clear what courses are open to us in the future. It is surely much better to face the true facts and to take a new survey of our position than to go on deceiving ourselves that we are on the verge of achieving a decisive success which is only a dream. We have definitely failed in our original objective, namely, the forcing of the Straits and the rapid capture of Constantinople. The present Force in its present positions will never carry out that ambitious programme. We

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