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At 11am the Agememnon led the line in being subjected to a few shots from the concelade batteries between Aren Koi and Kume Kale. These w were silenced by the Prince George detailed to dela with any batteries on the Asiatic shore. The Triumph similary dealt with thosr on the Peninsula. Slowly the Squadron steamed in whilst the Destroyer Patrol fell astern and the four ships stopped and took up positions across the Straits abrest of Aren Koi. The Q.E was nearest the peninsula and taken in order the Agememnon Lord Nelson and Inflexible. At 11-25 the fore turret of the Agememon fired the shell bursting 14000 yards away in a cloud of smoke and earth against fort 13th. The action had begun.

Soon all four ships were firing deliberately round by round and at n noon the 15th inch of the Queen Elizabeth produced a terrific flash and explosion in fort 20 pointing to a big magazine explosion. These covering ships came under a fairly heavy fire from shore batterieswhi which could not be stopped. Between 12-45 and 8 1-10 the Agememnon was hit twelve times one shell bursting almost underneaty the conning tower. Teo twelve pounder guns were put out of action and the Navigator;s sea cabin was also wrecked. The Agememnon moved out of the centre of this concentration turning 32 points and throughout the day never came again under such a fire. Meanwhile shortly after noon the 3rd Division of four ships under Admiral Guepratte the Bouvel Gaulois Suffren and Chalmagne entered the Straits and steamed past the covering ships two on either side of the Channel. They steamed boldly up to within 9000 yards of the Narrows and opened up on the forts which replied vigorously. 5he Gaulois was badly hit foreward and had to leave the Straits in

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