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Lord Nelson's firing. At 2-9 one gun on No 13 appeared to be hit direct and at 2-25 one gun was seen to leap from its carriage as the result of a salvoefalling slantways across the embrassure. At 2-39 the fire from the forts was completely silenced though a smaller calibre gun from No 14th opened up a disoultry fire at 1400 yards. the big forts had ranged 14500. By 3pm there was no firing of any kind from the forts but the ships were still under fire of some 6inch howitzers and smaller guns which were well dealt with by the French with rapid hurts of independent fire.

General Action of March 18th . Soon after March 7th the crews od the minesweepers were replaced from volunteers from the Fleet as the work was too hard and dangerous for the ordinary crews. News received of the victory of Neuve Chapelle and the sinking of the Dresden.

On may 17th Vice Admiral Carden left the Fleet for Malta and Rear Admiral de Roebeck assumed the rank of Vice Admiral and hoisted his flag in the Q.E. Captain Hayes Sadler (Ocean) took over his duties as senior officer of the 2nd Division. The new light crusier Phaeton arrived with Generals Ian Hamilton and D'Amade and Rear Admiral Wemyss senior Naval Officer at Port Mudros. . On the night of the 17th a Council of War was held on the Q.E. On the morning of the 18th a hot sun blazing down out of a cloudless sky and a faint breeze from the south west prevailing the first Div, weighed and stood down towards the Straits to conduct a deliberate bombardment out of range of the forts whilst later on the 2nd and 3rd Divs were to work in reliefs and to go in closer and endevour to overwhelm the enemy.

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