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is certain the majority are of poor quality compared with those whom we have hitherto encountered in front of Achi Baba and before Anzac nand have not shown the same fighting qualities in the latter of our advances. The same uncertainty prevails when we endevour to form an estimate of the amount of ammunition which still remains at his disposal. Are the Turks really short or have they been carefulky husbanding their supply against the great effort which every Tyro knew we must make in the late summer? Have they in fact a sufficient supply left to fight a prolonged battle which may extend over several weeks before the final issue is decided?

We know for certain that they cannot obtain further stocks through Roumania or Bulgaria and that is why they have been for months in the tantalising position of having to watch a large army live and manoeuver right under the muzzles of their guns without being able seriously to disturb the even tenure of our daily life. These are questions which can only put to the test when our big offensive actually begins and then they will have a momentous bearing on the final issue.

Since the last of his counter attacks failed in the early days of July the Turks have remained strictly on the defensive. But during that period they have been working like Bees in preparing their positions in throwing up fresh entrenchements in front of those we gained on their right flank in front of Achi Baba, and on the great square solid bastion of the Kilid Bahr plateau behind. In the latter part of July there were many who expected to see a great Turkish offensive probably to be delivered against the Australians to celebrate the anniversary of the Constitution on July 23rd. For nights our troops waited

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