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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
gullies at 12-30 am August.
That portion, one battalion which went by the Sazli Beit Dere met with little opposition,
but its advance was slow owing to the extremely intricate nature of the country which caused the column to lengthen out considerably. Shortly before dawn Lt Col Hughes D.S.O. Canterbury Infantry found himself at foot of Rhodendron Ridge and at once led his battalion on to its lower slopes where he joined up with the rest of the column. The greater part of the Right Assault Column moved up Chailik Dere, Otago Bt. leading and soon met opposition necessitating deployment. Advance of column slow owing to broken country.

After taking part in attack on Bauchop (machine gun captured) Table Top (250 prisoners) and ridges in vicinity of Little Table Top S. 80. D I. forced reached Rhodendron Spur and connected up with Canterbury Batt. at 5-45 am August 7th, and whole forced moved up spur and ridge and entrenched on line 80.D 5 and 9 -80 J 3.-80 S. I.

Left Assault Column connected with it at this point by means of the 10th
Gourkas. Here it was exposed to enfalade fire from Battleship Hill S.80. 0.2. and 3. and a trench along the ridge north east of Chunuk Bair. 1-30 am further attack made on Chunuk Bair but without success owing to increasing opposition offered by enemy and fatigue of men. L.A.C. began to move over the Chailik Dere Ford at 12.30 am Aug 7th and followed L.C.F. to Aghyl Dere up which valley it turned. Opposition and difficult country made advance extremely slow.

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