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[thous]and yards firing at forts 3 and 4 with their secondary armament finishing off what was left of the smoking ruins. There was no reply except from No 3 fort which fired three rounds all falling short. At 2-30 the Suffren and Charlemagne also closed in on forts 1 3 and 4. At 10 we ceased firing. The Triumph and Albion were then ordered to complete the destruction and closed right in to 1000 yards of No 1. About this time the Gaulois had one or two shots fired at her from a concealed battery behind Kume Kale. The Albion had meanwhile been dealing with fort No 4 and at 4-45 the left gun fired a round at her which burst short in the water. The Agememnon then went o to her support and fired a few rounds which ended the days operations.

Friday February 26th
Demolition parties of Marines were landed to destroy forts 1, 3 and 6 and succeeded in blowing up the guns suffering some casualties from snipers and premature explosions of charges.

February 27th
British ships entered the Dardanelles and started attacking Fort No 8 Dardanus, The 1st Division of the Fleet now consisted of the Queen Elizabeth, Inflexible Agememnon and Lord Nelson. Meanwhile two transports of Marines had arrived. They were intended to be landed to hold Seddul Bahr Kume Kale and Yeni Shehr

March 1st and 2
Fort No 8 attacked and damaged and minesweepers swept under fire to within three thousand yards of Kephez Point. A line of mines was discovered by seaplane running N.W from No 8 fort. The French ships carried out a demonstration off Bulair.

March 4th
The attempted landing of Marines at Kum Kale which was unsuccesfulowing to opposition encountered.

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