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Of course it was impossible to tell until late in the day who had been saved and who had been drowned, as the survivors were picked up by various boats and taken to different ships or on shore and subsecquenly transferred to Mudros Bay. But happily every officer got clear including Admiral Sir Stewart Nicholson. I was taken on board a French ship toghther with the ninety survivors from this crowded cutter where we were received with every kindness and attention. Dry clothes were served out to us and we were given coffee and brandy by our kind Allies. By a merciful dispensation of providence in the case of neither the Triumph or the Majestic did the magazines blow up otherwise there would have been hardly any survivors. As it was owing to the prompt assistance forthcoming the loss of life on both vessels was small and was chiefly due to the causes I have already named namely men being dragged down in the nets when they took the final plunge.

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