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being killed and wounded. Lloyd and a Lance Corporal, whose name I cannot mention, destroyed a machine gun.
Sergt Traeine, a Mexican by birth, a scout of the highest order and of great gallantry, must also be mentioned in connection with this attack. Another episode in connection with this Battalion is worthy of mention. To support an attack from Quins Post, the First Battalion brought their machine guns into action at close range, one gun under Howell Price had to take up a position on a ridge in rear of the trenches. Though under a tremendous fire from two hostile machine guns, the gun was brought by its No 1 (Private Arnott) until his [space] were shot away, and he himself was fully exposed, when he fell with a shattered jaw. For this Pte. Arnott was awarded a well deserved D.C.M.
In connection with the tunnelling and mining the 2nd Field Company of Engineers (its Major Commanding McCall) did yeoman's service. Major McCall in the earlier days had done splendid work in opening up communications, now spent his days in the tunnels. Other names of officers to be mentioned are Bachthold, Dyer and Costello. It is regretted the long list of N.C.Os and men is not available, but there were many fine performances to be recorded on behalf of this company. The 1st Field Company working on the portion of the trenches on Plateau 400 rendered yeoman's service in supervising and helping in the underground work against Johnson's Jolly and Lone Pine positions. Numerous mines had to be exploded, always in our favor, the Turks in every case being forestalled. The work of this

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