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fresh Landing was made at Suvla Bay. I was told on the Afternoon of August 6th, to go on board the S.S. Minneapolis, which would sail sometime during the night. The Minneapolis is a huge Atlantic Transport Liner, employed in the cargo trade, but also having very comfortable accomodation for a large number of First and Second Class Passengers. She has been taken over by the Government, and during the landing at Suvla, she brought up the Artillery, and seven hundred Horses and Mules, belonging to the new Divisions. I went on board her at Kephalos Bay, about 9 o'clock. The night was pitch dark, and not a light was showing in any of the Vessels in the Harbour. I found her huge sides looming out of the darkness, with apparently no means of climbing on board, from the little Tug which conveyed myself and two Companions to her. Finally I found a rope Ladder, and managed to reach the Deck, which was covered with Soldiers Guns and Gear of all kinds.

I tried to find an Officer, but in the darkness, in a Ship of this size, it was almost impossible. Finally I groped my way to the Bridge, and ran across the Chief Officer, and asked him how we could get our Baggage on board. He then told me that a Ladder was down round the other aide, which we had evidently missed in the darkness.I returned to port Bow, where I had left this small Tug, just in time to prevent a sad Catastrophie. I found an eighteen pounder Gun, suspended in mid-air, and about to be lowered onto the heads of my two Friends, and our precious Baggage. In the darkness the Quarter-Master in charge, had mistaken our Tug for a Barge which was coming to take off a Battery which had to be landed with the Troops at dawn. I was just in time to save my Friend, Henry Nevinson, and the Press Officer Major Delme Radcliffe, and our Bag-

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