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back for six weeks more to insure the safety of Constantinople until next year and perhaps even to to force us to evacuate the peninsula altogther. Therefore it is in their interests to remain strictly on the defensive and to mobolise their forces in such a way that they always have a large force in hand to resist and fresh em- landling we may make either in Europe or in Asia. They are fighting for time while we are fighting for Constantinople and if this objective cannot be achieved this year we have then to secure enough of the peninsula to enable our army to winter in comparative security. That is to say to secure a base from which we can keep our men supplied during the winter gales. Not yet knowing the final plans of the General Staff it is impossible to gauge what the chances of success or failure are. There are at present too many unknown factors in the problem. Even the number of available reinforcements is uncertain. Three new Divisions of Lord Kitchener's first army have arrived namely the 10th the 11th and the 13th.

Of these the 13th and a Brigade of the 11th have had some useful experience for a fortnight in the trenches on our left flank at Helles but they have now all been withdrawn doubtless with the intention of utilising them for a fresh movement elsewhere. But what other Divsiions have already arrived or are on their way out at present remains a mystery. The feeling of tension during the last few days has been very great. Everyone will be pleased when the hour comes to strike and this heartbreaking period of waiting and practising is passed. We are about to enter upon the most momentous military operation in our history. Never before have suchgrave issues hung in

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