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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
In Centre 39th I.B. and Indian Brigade moved along gullies leading up to Sa i Bair Ridge -right moving south of farm 80.F 8. on Chunik Bair remainder up the spurs to the north east of the farm on nek 81 A 4. and on Hill Q18I A 2. .Little progress was made but some ground gained on spurs north east of farm

On left 4th A.I.B.advanced from Asma Dere 92 0 U against the lower slopes of Abdel Rahman Bair 93 L. with intention of wheelin to right and attacking Koja Chemen Tepe up the Spur. No progress made and 4th A.I.B being virtually surrounded was withdrawn to its previous line on Asma Dere where it resisted determined attacks
Siruation at 12 noon as follows Johnstone column in occupation S.W slopes of Chunuk Bair. Centre column in occupation farm spurs N.E.
4th AI.B on Asma Dere. 40th Bde less two battalions on the Damakjelik Bair. Decided to break off action until nightfall preparatory to another attack on main ridge using footing gained on Chunuk Bair as pivot

Third Assault on Sari Bair Ridge on afternoon 8th Aug. orders were issued for further advance in three columns to attack the line Chunuk Bair - Hill 1 under cover of footing gained by Johnstone column on morning Aug 8th
Two battns from 29th B.I B joined columns 10th Hampshires and 6th Royal Irish Rifles
New Advance No 1 Coumn Johnstone objective To hold and consolidite ground gained on Aug 8th and in cooperation with other columns to

Current Status: