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almost among all the inhabitants of North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the islands in the Pacific.

Lubra, meaning woman, is adopted by all the tribes of Van Dieman's Land, and is probably a foreign importation. as is corrobory (merry making) which is of Sydney Origin.

Tablety (walking) is not an original word; when the English first arrived in Van Dieman's Land, and wished a native to guide them, they would say "travel". The Blacks according to their custom added ty, and then it was travelty, which has since been corrupted into Tablety. God it will be perceived is called Godna.

Other words again such as Hola or hila (Gun) etc: are derived from comparison with something among them which the Aborigines think that bears resemblance among them.

The letters F S V and H and Z seem to be excluded from the vocabularies before me, # as they are likewise wanting to the language of New Holland, it speaks in favour of a common [indecipherable] I am at a loss to decide the manner in which the Aborigines of this island apply the particle, but I imagine that it is found at the end of the Substantive, as was the practice of our Scandinavian ancestors, and is so at this day amongst some of the Northern nations of  Europe. For example -  Squire 3 signifies 2 Herremans in the Swedish language. In England we would should say

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