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Native languages of Van Diemen's Land   

Eastern Language

[Transcriber's note : left hand column is partly obscured in the fold of the document]

  Day Robenganna Goose
  Fine Day Rowennana Gull
  Drake Rodidana Grass
  Wild drake Leguma Dress or covering
  Dew Lila Gun
  To drink Comthenana Grass tree
  To day Ludeneny Girl
  A day Tabelty Go on - walk
  Dog Engenama Eagle hawk
  Dry Pueta Black hawk
  Emu Pathenanaddie Head
  Eye Cethana Hair
  Evacuate Anamanu Hand
  Ears Lewreiragera Island
  Elbow Laibrunala Large Island
  Flying Nannabenana Knee
  Frost Mengana Get
  Forest Doe Bungana King or Chief
] Feathers Kigranana Kangaroo pouch
  Father Reprenana Kangaroo Rat
  Frog Canara or Cuiena Little
  Fog Plerenny Lad or Boy
  Foot Lathanama Leg
  First Canara Magpie
  Face Powamena Mother
  Earth or Ground Trunwalla Mountain
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