Item 02: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett articles on the Gallipoli campaign, 1915 - Page 138

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[Page 138]

[Handwritten notes for his letter to the Prime Minister]
Sep 8. 1915

Dear Mr Asquith
I hope you will excuse the liberty am taking in writing to you, but I consider you ought to know the true state of affairs out here.

(1) Fiasco of the last attack
(2) The strategical and tactical errors committed.
(3) The false statements that have been made about our nearly succeeding
(4) The useless slaughter of the affair of Aug. 21st
(5) The effect on the morale of the Army
(6) The absolute necessity of changing the C in C & General Staff.
(7) Point out how hopeless our position is unless we are certain of the cooperation of the Bulgarians

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