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Division. More gallant soldiers never breathed. Corp. Graham, Pte. Edwards and many others.
Fourth Battalion:- Colonel MacNaghten who led his battalion in the charge, Milson (killed) and Scott, Massie, the adjutant. McKay who was just across the hostile trenches, Brown the machine gun officer, MacFarlane, and many others with scores of N.C.0s and men.
The Divisional Commander watching the operations saw three men of his battalion separate themselves from the rest of the battalion and dash forward on the left flank, using rifle and bayonet until they disappeared from view. Enquiries as to who they were and their subsequent fate, failed to find out anything more about them. They probably fell.
Second Brigade.
This brigade was sent to Helles early in May and took part in the larger operations there. Its charge on the enemy's position on short notice was one of the brilliant episodes in the campaign, led by its gallant Brigadier McKay and added to its reputation, and lost some [1100?] Returning to Anzac it took its place in the trenches in the worst part of the line held by the Division and finally participated in the Lone Pine operations, its 7th Battalion being into the newly captured position on the 8th of August and sustaining some 400 odd casualities, but gaining four V.Cs. In addition to these names, that of its C.O. Colonel [Pompey] Elliot stands out worthy of distinction

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