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January 1918
result of an earthquake a long time ago. A part of it has been rebuilt & more of it will be after the war. There are some enormous obelisks & columns at Karnak, the biggest I have seen Next morning we crossed the River, took donkeys & rode for several miles into the hills to see the Temples Tombs of the Kings. There are 26 tombs excavated & work is still going on. Some wonderful discoveries have been made in these tombs & they are all in an excellent state of preservation. Some of them being 4000 years old. Some of the mummies are still there. The tombs are lit up by electricity. You pay £1 to get the electric light turned on. After visiting the tombs we went to the temple of Thebes & afterwards visited 2 more temples in the vicinity. It was late in the afternoon when we got back to the hotel. We had a bath as the trip had been dusty & the

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