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October 1917

Tuesday 16th
Took over orderly sgt in the morning. Medals are being presented today & we had to send a troop away to represent the regt at the ceremony. They turned out very well 30 men & 1 officer.

Wednesday 17th to Wednesday 24th October
Had another Field day on the Thursday practicing taking trenches near Rafa. We are getting tired of all these practice affairs & wonder why we have to travel for 8 miles to do them when they could be done quite close to the camp & save horseflesh. There was a Brigade football match on Friday the 1st played the 2nds & beat them 3 to nil. On Sunday 24th [?] we moved out at 4.30 pm & did a night march to Esani about 15 miles. We reached there at 7 am on Monday.
About 10 am I got orders to report to the Record Office at Alexandria for duty.
Got my few things packed together & started for Shellal Junction. It took me nearly 4 hours to get there. Caught a train at 4.30. It was

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