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April 1917
hardly a pleasure trip. The dust was blinding & choking & the halts & interruptions frequent. In addition the night was cold & we were all tired. We watered in the Wadi & it was just then 2 enemy aeroplanes spotted us & down came the bombs. One killed & wounded 20 men & 18 horses, most of them belonging to Brigade Headquarters. The day Monday Tuesday 17th was very hot with hardly a breath of air. We got no time to boil any tea & nearly everyone was suffering a good deal.

After frequent halts of varying lengths we got into touch with the Turks near Abu Hareira there was a bit of a skirmish & some artillery fire. We got a good well with splendid water. After dark we came back & camped near the Wadi. It was 11.30 when we got to sleep.

Wednesday 18th
We were out again at daylight, watered our horses & managed to get a shave & a wash. A plane came over & dropped more bombs but did no damage. We went out again towards Abu Hareira, got in touch with the Turks & stayed there till dark.

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