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May 1917
we had to do the same, except that: 6 seconds after the smoke bomb burst, the "dinkum" gas was turned on, we picked up our rifles & marched through it. Later on we marched through a gas area without our helmets, just enough being turned on so that we would be able to recognise it again. Lastly we marched behind & through a smoke screen. I had one man in my troop gassed sufficiently to send him to hospital & others it affected slightly.
We had the same wind & dust again in the afternoon. We also saw another of our planes being dragged in. It was brought down yesterday. In air fights yesterday 2 of ours were brought down

Friday 18th
D Troop rejoined the Squadron They have been detached over 6 weeks now. We shifted camp again & are further away from water, being about 3 miles west of the Wadi

Saturday 19th
A heavy wind came up from the SE blowing from the Syrian Desert. It got very hot towards noon & it was also very dusty. An English mail arrived. I got 1 letter from cousin Ella Sutherland.

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