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February. March 1917
Wednesday 28th
Had another easy day. Got several papers. Wrote letters 1 to Doug & one home. The Rail head is out here now. They are laying about 1 mile per day so we expect to be on the move forward very soon again.

Thursday March 1st
Went over to the Regiment & got paid The YMCA have started a canteen, but it is nearly 2 miles from our camp.

Friday 2nd
The Brigade went out early & occupied Khan Yunis without opposition. They got a few prisoners. The enemy only fired a couple of big shells which seemed to come from a long distance This Sheikh Zowaiid is a big camp now & the railway is being pushed on at great speed.

Saturday 3rd
Went over to the canteen to get some things. There was an enormous crowd of troops there lined up & it seemed hopeless. However a 5PT tip to the Tommy military policeman fixed things up & we didn't have much of a wait. There was a splendid surf & in the afternoon we went in. The water was great. Had a good gallop along the beach afterwards.

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