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February 1917
the train & reached El Arish just before daybreak & unloaded the goods. On inquiring I found the Regiment were at Mazar & wouldn't be coming on to El Arish for some days. I left a guard on the stuff & came back to Mazar & was told to bring it back. Whilst at El Arish a mine was washed up on shore. A machine gun tried to explode it but failed so a mountain gun was brought down & it fixed the mine up. Went off with a great roar.

Two soldiers bathing got caught in the undertow & several attempts failed. An Australian went in on his horse & got them out. It was a good bit of work. A Taube aeroplane came over but our guns gave it a warm time & it didn't drop any bombs. The Egyptian Labour Corps are very frightened of the bombs & they run about like "lost sheep". They get silly with terror. A previous night air raid accounted for about 60 of them, mostly through their foolishness. I saw 18 Turkish prisoners

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