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May 1917
with horse to bring them here

Monday 14th
At 5 oclock B Squadron went out on patrol across the Wadi & nearly up to Sausage Ridge where the big scrap was last month. We got in contact with the Turks & they fired a few shots. We watered at a good well. The water was very cold. In the afternoon our guns started to fire. Must have been picking up ranges & some of the shrapnel was falling too close to our post, so we got away to a safer place & at 4 oclock left for camp, getting in about 6 oclock. 33 Reinforcements arrived. Included among them was McDermott who was a mate of mine in Liverpool camp & who was discharged when sick in hospital.

Tuesday 15th
We spent the day in camp The land is drying up now & all the crops are eaten & much of the ground torn up with horses feet. In the afternoon a strong wind from the NE sprang up & made things quite unpleasant. We had a good tea cooked & we could hardly eat it for the dust. All our bread, butter
jam etc got covered in it.
One of our patrols yesterday got an

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