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May 1917
Sunday 20th
Took out our horses to graze in the morning. The wind changed to the NW but is still blowing dust fairly strong. Church parade in the morning.

Monday 21st
We grazed again in the morning. The grass is drying up & there is very little left now. The quantity of the feed that is issued is very little. In the evening B Troop went on guard on the water supply at Gamli. It is a good job we got a chance to have a bath & wash our clothes.

Tuesday 22nd
We were relieved at 9 am & came back to camp to get ready for a stunt at 2 oclock. The 6th were attached to the 1st Brigade & we left the wadi at 3 oclock, travelled SE till 6. Watered & fed our horses & on again at 8. The night was warm but night marches are always unpleasant. Everyone is tired of the constant stopping & moving soon gets horses & men ill tempered. At 2 oclock we stopped & put out outposts.

Wednesday 23rd
Moved on further at daybreak. Our Regt halted 2 miles NE of Khalasa while the 1st Bgde & Engineers went further South to the Railway line. For hours they blew up the line, smashing each rail also demolishing a 9 span viaduct

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